July 2008

Ok. I’ve never seen anything this cool in my life. Yes, I am a complete sucker for Halo and anything Master Chief related. I am completely enthralled and inescapably wrapped-up in the Halo lore. These statues coming out of the WETA workshop are spectacular. I want them all. If that helmet is life size (which I doubt it is, but a boy can dream), and I can put it on my head I don’t care if it’s $5,000 I’m going to buy it (I’m sorry Allie, but my hands will be tied at that point.. there’s no stopping it).




Wait, wtf?


I was terrified yesterday when I read about ActiBlizz’s (Activision-Blizzard conglomerate) latest release schedule not including the new Ghostbusters Video Game.
My all-knowing Kotaku overlords have informed me otherwise, with this reassuring quote from Sierra’s PR team: “It is not cancelled and will not be canceled.”

Phew… Close call.