Ok. I’ve never seen anything this cool in my life. Yes, I am a complete sucker for Halo and anything Master Chief related. I am completely enthralled and inescapably wrapped-up in the Halo lore. These statues coming out of the WETA workshop are spectacular. I want them all. If that helmet is life size (which I doubt it is, but a boy can dream), and I can put it on my head I don’t care if it’s $5,000 I’m going to buy it (I’m sorry Allie, but my hands will be tied at that point.. there’s no stopping it).



I don’t quite know what this blog’s purpose is yet. I just created it yesterday on a whim, and didn’t really put any thought into it before hand. So far all I’ve managed to talk about has been video games; and I’m fine with that so I hope you are too. I guess there will be an update here and there about my life and what I’m doing, but don’t expect me to be a daily blogger (at least not yet).

So what kinds of things do people blog about? I’m not much of a sports blogger (although I wish I was as Sports-savvy as those gentlement over at pensblog), and I don’t think I have the rhetoric capable of making people want to read a daily account of the events going on in my life. This is why I’ve consciously decided not to do a traditional blog; rather I’m going to try to be spontaneous, which by Allie’s account I am not. Allie is my fiancee, by the way; however I’m sure that if you’re reading this page you already knew that because you know me. If you don’t know me and you’ve stumbled across this blog, then get used to hearing her name often. And I hope that you like video games and random nonsense.

Oh! Speaking of Allie, she got into grad. school and will be persuing her Masters in Social Studies and Special Education as well as Teaching certificates and all kinds of other fancy words and certifications that I can’t remember. So congrats to her, and I can’t wait till she’s done so we can rake in mad monies ;)

Anybody who knows me can skip onto the next section (marked by *~*); otherwise get prepared for an informational kick in the teeth, as I’m about to tell you all about myself. My name is Jimmy (*greetings*), and I live and work with my Fiancee in the dirty south. I grew up in Bethel Park, PA with my three (3) older sisters and my Mom. It was not easy to be surrounded by women all the time, there was so much estrogen and emotional distress bombarding my surroundings that it was at times palpable; however in the long run I can say that I’ve benefited from it, and I’m sure that I would never have been able to meet my beautiful bride-to-be (Allie) had I not learned all that there is to learn about dealing with women.

The majority of my time was spent skipping school, playing video games, and causing general mayhem with Brandon and Tom, my partners in crime. We would walk a few miles to Giant Eagle almost nightly, bringing home snacks and beverages to keep us fueled throughout the night as we did whatever it was that adolescent teens with too much time on their hands would do. I won’t go into too many details on our escapades and the numerous close calls, but just know that hilarity ensued, and eternal bonds were formed. Eventually, I went on to college and pursued a degree in Computer Engineering at Penn State Erie, the Behrend College. Almost immediately, I met a group of cohorts that would collectively be known as YOX (Psi Phi Chi), and our purpose was to enjoy every moment of life and party like rockstars. And now we learn why it’s called yoxblog. YOX will always hold a place in my heart and I will never forget the memories as we moved from Perry Hall and porch fires, to Tigress and ShallowHook, to Cooper and endless ‘Honda’ chants, to 7th St. and the Shaggy Dog. The journey is not over, as we are all now leaving college and starting our respective lives. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

To further clarify: No, YOX is not a fraternity; yet it is a brotherhood. We do have YOX sisters; yet still, we are not a frarority (frat-serority?). It is rather a common bond that we all share, and it is an eternal friendship. YOX is not restrictive in members, and is not a group in the traditional sense. There is no true initiation, there are no requirements for being a member. In fact, everybody that we know is a member of YOX. YOX is more than just a group it is the force that binds the universe (I’m not talking Star Wars here). YOX represents all that I’ve come to know and love about life. It represents good times and friendship; Brothers and Sisters; friends and adventures; stories of the past and the stories of the rest of my life.

Later in my college career, I decided (with the careful guidance of Phil) to tack on an Electrical Engineering concurrent major, which would extend my joyous college career by an additional semester. Soon thereafter, I got an internship with a very tiny company in Erie called Railpower Hybrid Technologies, Inc. Working this job is where I fell in love with Python and the inner workings of wxPython, which is a direct factor in attaining my current job at IBM as an Automation/Delivery Worldwide Test Engineer.

In the five months that I’ve been living in the Raleigh-Durham area and working at a gigantor corporation I’ve learned many things about myself and the world that we live in. The most fundamental lesson that I’ve learned is that the South is not for me, nor is any other ridiculously hot location. I can’t stand the humidity and the crime. It is unbearable and I cannot wait to get back to the place that I call home. Pennsylvania. The Keystone State. Home of the Penguins and Steeler country. The only place in America that has a city with it’s own dictionary to translate the ever-amusing “Pittsburgh-ese” into standard American English. They say that home is where the heart is. My heart stayed behind.


You may be asking yourself why this is such a long post. I’ll tell you why: because I’m bored. Today was Boca’s surgery to get her tiny puppy tubes tied. I drove 2.5 hours to Denver, NC to drop her off at the East Lincoln Animal Hospital. In order to avoid driving a total of 10 hours today I’m cutting that in half by hanging out at the local coffee shop and working remote. It’s a slow day today on the world-wide manufacturing front so I’ve got the time to blog furiously.

“But you’ve had Boca for so long! Shouldn’t she have been spayed already??”, you may ask.

Well yes, she should have. Apparently many young female pups get something known as “Puppy Vaginitis” (and I think that’s the scientific name, by the way). Well, we had to wait for that to clear up before getting this operation performed so as to avoid complications, as well as the chance that she will never begin the stream of necessary hormones to clear up her Puppy Vaginitis, thereby cursing her to a life of crusty doggy lady bits. Only 4.5 hours left till I can pick her up, [sarcasm]yay[/sarcasm]. Sad face.


On an entirely different note; Asheboro, North Carolina finally overturned prohibition. Yes that’s right, starting today (July 30th, 2008) alcohol will be legal to sell, possess, consume, and transport in Asheboro, North Carolina. [Link to news article] If you pay attention to the text of this article you’ll see these words, “Asheboro is no longer the largest municipality in the state without the legal standing to sell alcohol”, which implies that there are a number of other locations within the state of North Carolina that prohibition is ongoing. According to a reliable source [read: a very drunken and sullen man at The Tavern], only 11 out of 100 counties of North Carolina have overturned the prohibition laws that once ruled our great country. I guess as of last night that count has grown to 12. Simply amazing how behind the rest of the world North Carolina is. I still see people carrying around portable CD players. Goosebumps and Weird Al Yanchovic are still popular. People are convinced that Al Gore created the Internet and that it is made up of a “Series of Tubes”. There are no Quaker Steak & Lubes. The words that are presently escaping your mouth: “Wow”. Exactly.