Wedding Update:
After much proliferation, Allie and I have confirmed and booked our date and location for the Reception! So the official date is September 5, 2009. The location is Stephany’s Catering in Erie, PA:

Next is the [sarcasm]simple[/sarcasm] matter of figuring out where the ceremony should be. Hopefully, with Allie heading to Erie this process will actually be easier. Granted, I’m sure Nancy (my soon-to-be Mother-in-law) would have been a tremendous help in finding a suitable location; however, when their powers combine… Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to turn into a Captain Planet reference, it just kind of happened. Anyway, here’s a preview of the ‘Save the Date’ magnets that we’ll be sending out to our loved ones soon:



For those of you who know who John Titor is; it would seem that perhaps he was correct(is? will be??? How do you refer to a time traveler?). For those of you who don’t who I’m talking about: I would suggest reading about him. What you’ll find is a rather chilling mystery that could very well be unraveled sometime soon.

The reason why I bring this up is because yesterday, I read about the theory that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) will in fact create a singularity, and in doing so allow the alteration of time prior to its activation, thereby never actually allowing it to be activated [Time to go Backwards via G4]. Of course there are also theories proposed by Russian Mathematicians that say that the opening of this Singularity will simply allow time travelers from the future to come back to our time. Perhaps this is the event that John spoke of when he mentioned ‘a singularity event around 2007’ that allowed for the development of time travel. He also confirmed that the multiple worlds theory was in fact the correct theory in relation to quantum physics, which would explain why the ambiguity of ‘around 2007’ was not correct. He did at least get the CERN part of the prediction right (or at least we’ll find out once and if this thing ever gets activated). “Wait a second”, you may be saying, “if this thing never gets activated, then he would be wrong! Because time travel would never be created since no singularity ever spawned!”. Well yes, not in our world/universe/dimension/whatever you want to call it. Let me explain:

When thinking about the accuracy of his theory we must consider the effect that the multiple worlds (MW) theory has. I usually like to think of the idea of MW as a tree structure. Allow me to elucidate: let us take a point of reference for this discussion, which we will define as t0 (that’s “tee-zero”), and will place this event at the base, or trunk, of the tree. Given t0, you have a considerably infinite number of possibilities for events that could happen to progress to the next point of time, which we will call t1. Since t1 can be any number of possible events, we will populate these events on our tree as the leaves (or children) of the base (parent) node, and refer to this point of time as t1 regardless of which possibility occurs. Now each of these leaves becomes its own base event, which in turn would each have its own infinite number of possibilities (infinity squared) labeled as t2. This pattern would continue ad nauseum. Starting from t0 and selecting one node at t1, then selecting a child of t1 at t2, and so on and so forth would give us a path from t0 to t(N – 1) (the last selected event), which we could consider a time-line, or essentially a “world”, of which there are multiple worlds (infinite ^ (N – 1) to be “exact”). This is where the name Multiple Worlds” comes in, as for any given event there are multiple worlds where this event either did or did not happen, which is basically the idea of parallel dimensions, just less science-fiction and more quantum physics (ie, less Bizarro Superman, and more Schroedinger’s Cat).

Now if we consider the activation of the LHC at CERN to be our t0, then let us entertain the thought of a singularity being created at t1. At some point in the future after the process is replicated and controllable to the point where time travel is possible, coupled with a dilemma that is directly related to the possibility of time travel getting into the wrong hands (Terminator-style). This point of time we will let be t(N-1). So the progression from t0 to t(N-1) is one possible world. A inhabitant of this world decides that the creation of time travel should be thwarted, so he utilizes time travel to follow the timeline backwards to some event t(0-M), where there is enough time prior to t0 to prevent the activation (or at least delay it, which has been the case multiple times) of the LHC. Suddenly we, the observers of our current world have a “path” altering event, which guides us down an alternate path than the one that the time traveler came from, which was supposed to be our path had he/she/it not changed it.

Perhaps this is exactly what happened with the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), which was the last particle accelerator of this scope, and was cancelled before completing. Only time will tell, as the activation of the LHC is scheduled for sometime tomorrow!!! Oh wait. It got pushed back till next month… Hmm. Looks like another win for the time-altering citizens of the future.