Yay for Android! Let’s hope T-Mobile’s claim that they’ll release an Android-powered phone (the HTC Dream) before Xmas this year are true. The FCC already cleared the hardware, so let’s just hope that the new Andriod SDK will allow those courageous folks to finish their product on-time. Perhaps I’ll switch back to T-Mobile after all? Hit the jump for a funny video showcasing a real idiot.


Apparently some local news cameras were set up capturing some video of Tropical Storm Fay; however they captured something else that nobody was expecting:

Wow, what an idiot, no?

Why anyone would try to go wind surfing during a tropical storm is beyond me. Pretty Extreme I guess… Pretty extreme way to end up in the hospital like this guy. He not only was slammed into the sand repeatedly and dragged through a parking lot, but he ended up face first in the side of a building. He’s in critical condition ATM. Could he potentially have won a Darwin Award? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.