What is it about Mexico that makes it so special? As I see it, there are two very differing views when it comes to this issue. The former being that Mexico’s rich culture and vibrant celebrations set it apart from the rest of the world, while the latter will insist that the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with the diverse culmination of flavors within any particular dish are the key facets to the country’s unexplainable charm. I however, have an entirely different view. Allow me to elucidate…

This past evening I was enjoying a beverage at the bar, while the hotel staff was setting up for a raucus celebration. You see, today is the beginning of Mexico’s celebration of their Independence from tyrannical Spanish rule, so it is a big deal (almost as big a deal as Ron Burgundy). While I was quietly observing the preparations for tonight’s celebration, I witnessed something that embodies the very essence of what I believe makes Mexico one of the most endearing places on this planet.

A manager brought a stack of framed pictures out of an unknown location and set them on the bar while he returned to said location to retrieve something, which I assumed was a tool to assist in the process of hanging the pictures. I was somewhat correct in my assumptions, as he did retrieve a tool; however not exactly the same type of tool I would have chosen. I will spare the theatrics and tell you that what he returned with was a spool of scotch tape. He then proceeded to take the picture frames and tape each of them to marble pillars in the way that a child would tape a note to the inside of their locker. A long strip, pulled taut on each corner. You cannot make these kinds of things up. ¿Mexico? Me encantada.