November 2008

This made me giggle.. it’s part of a dinosaur comics comic… The last two frames struck me as particularly rofl:

Part of Dinosaur Comics - Issue November 25, 2008

Part of Dinosaur Comics - Issue November 25, 2008

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The best thing about going to bed on a Friday night is laying down and not having to care about setting the alarm. It is a magical feeling to lay in bed on Saturday morning and let your body naturally wake you up when it’s ready, instead of being jolted awake by the sudden heart-stopping noise coming from the alarm. There’s also something very liberating about not having a schedule or a task list to follow. When you can take an entire day and just enjoy living without worrying about accomplishing anything, you are better suited to appreciate the small moments that make life so precious.  When you’re relaxed food tastes better, movies are funnier/sadder depending on the genre, and the sun feels better upon the back of your neck as you run from the Police.  Wait, what!?

All week I had heard from Daniel at IBM about the town of Tlaquepaque (pronounced: teh-lah-kay-PAH-kay) and that I would really love it, especially if I liked to take photos.  Although, this made me sorely miss the digital camera that Allie and I share; however I knew that I would still be able to make use of disposable cameras… it was just hard knowing I wouldn’t have any idea how the pictures turned out until I got back to the States and had them developed (how did people used to live like this?!  Oh and linky after the jumpy near the bottom).


I promise you that I am working on the final chapter of the Mexico chronicles; I just keep getting sidetracked and loaded with other work.

Pensblog posted this, which was originally posted on failblog (NOTE: it’s hard to hear at first but don’t bother turning up your volume, what they say isn’t important):


Greetings friends,

Welcome to my new space, I hope you like it.  Blogspot was frustrating to use and lacked the features that WordPress has, so I made the switch after reading about it on Lifehacker.  Anyway, I’ve got one last post for you avid readers about my Mexico trip (I know you’ve all been chomping at the bit) and then it’s back to the good ‘ol days of what I used to blog about… what was it again that I used to blog about?  Oh yeah, nothing at all really.  There will probably be talk of video games, and blurbs about my life and the goings-on within.  And remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the Mega Man costume that Craineum over at Destructoid was making?  Check after the jump for the most adorable videos you’ll ever see.