Greetings friends,

Welcome to my new space, I hope you like it.  Blogspot was frustrating to use and lacked the features that WordPress has, so I made the switch after reading about it on Lifehacker.  Anyway, I’ve got one last post for you avid readers about my Mexico trip (I know you’ve all been chomping at the bit) and then it’s back to the good ‘ol days of what I used to blog about… what was it again that I used to blog about?  Oh yeah, nothing at all really.  There will probably be talk of video games, and blurbs about my life and the goings-on within.  And remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the Mega Man costume that Craineum over at Destructoid was making?  Check after the jump for the most adorable videos you’ll ever see.

First up, training:

I’m just amazed.  Not only at the quality of the costume, but at the undeniable adorableness of this kid.  His “Pew, pew, pews” are to die for.  But training isn’t going to be enough, until our budding Robot Hero of the Human Race takes his first steps into the year 20XX: