So is this what I was destined for?  Blogging about bacon?  Well it sure seems that way.  In the past hour (coincidentally the same time that I posted about the Bacon and Cheese Roll ) I’ve gotten more hits than on the entire lifespan of this blog combined.  That very intriguing to me and as they say: “If the shoe fits, wear it”.  At least until you get a blister or sweaty feet…  I think that’s how it goes, anyway.  Hit the jump on some ways to improve the Bacon and Cheese Roll, and some titillating video.

In an open-brainstorming session on the interwebs, my best friend Brandon came up with what sounds like the most amazing way to improve that Heart-attack inducing log.  Here’s a recipe:

What You’ll Need:

  • Bacon -:- 11-12 Strips
  • Shredded Cheddar -:- A Bunch
  • Buns -:- 4-6
  • Fried Chicken Breasts -:- 4-6
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Ranch


  1. Craft the magnificent Bacon and Cheese Roll (Picture instructions here):
    1. Literally weave the bacon into a square sheet.
    2. Bake @ 400°F until cooked, not crispy.
    3. Spread cheese atop sheet of bacon.
    4. Roll bacon and cheese into a log.
    5. Slice into ‘patties’
  2. Expand the power of the magnificence (into a Sandwich oddly enough):
    1. Toast bun.
    2. Add fried chicken breast.
    3. Add a slice of Bacon and Cheese Roll.
    4. Add lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch.
  3. Feast.

I encourage you to try this out, and if you think you can do better or improve the proposed enhancements, then Let’s hear it in the comments!

And now, for your listening/viewing pleasure: frying bacon and eggs.  Go ahead, just try and watch this video without getting hunger pangs for some hot breakfast.