Can you guess what this phallic graph is showing you?!  Hit the jump to solve the mystery!

That graph details my blog’s site traffic for the past two weeks.  It is simultaneously awe-inspiring and depressing.  Perhaps all of my posts will now feature a delicious looking picture of food at the beginning so that I can get more and more traffic from, which apparently shows previews of the most recently updated wordpress blogs.  It’s no wonder I got so many hits, because the bacon and cheese roll simply looked amazing.  And I’m going to eat one soon.  And you can quote me *spits* !

Well I’m not going to eat the whole thing of course, I’m going to share it amongst friends and co-workers.  All who have the guts to stomach it!  Or at least a healthy heart and decent blood pressure, I guess.

=>~{*.*}~<=  Q: WTF am I doing ?!   A: Transitioning between ideas!

Hey!  Listen!  Jeff Saylor, from over at, did a review of the new McFarlane hunter figure (see picture below), which is totally bad-ass and full of want and win.

And by the way, for anybody who doesn’t know this: Yes, I still enjoy action figures and yes, I pose them in epic battle scenes.  I have a Master Chief on my desk at work doing recon, but he’s very small and lonely.  He could use some McFarlane lovin’ of the 5″ series variety (like the hunter above, which isn’t actually five inches, but to scale in reference to the five inch master chief figure, get it? Good).

So the next time your trying to burn through some extra cash, keep me in mind.  Because I wish all of you GREAT SUCCESS in your holiday celebrations.