February 2009

Wow.  It’s official.  The city council has voted on a proclamation that designates the city of Pittsburgh to be known as “The City of Sixburgh” for 2009 in honor of the Steeler’s sixth superbowl win.  That is awesome.


We’re under seven months to go for the highly-anticipated Matthews-Trojan wedding.  For anybody that’s been left out of the loop the wedding is taking place Saturday, September 5, 2009 in Erie, Pennsylvania.  Keep in mind that this is Labor Day weekend and the “beach”-goers will be gobbling up hotel rooms left and right.

Have no fear, my intrepid readers!  I have an informational enema for you.  Behold:

Erie Hotel Guide

This puppy will give you all the information you want to know about the hotels where a block of rooms have been reserved specifically for the purposes of this wedding.

Interactive Guide to Erie

This is the info jackpot.  If you were concerned that you wouldn’t have anything to do in Erie during your stay, just take one look at this custom Google Map and your mind will be blown.  Get ready to start planning an unforgettable ExpERIEnce.  *Chuckle*