Outlawed Button, originally uploaded by jlm699.

Ever since we were unceremoniously kicked out of our office space at work, I’ve walked past this switch every single day in the hallway on the way to my dreary, gigantic, lonely cubicle. It kills me that I haven’t had a camera because I’ve wanted to vent about it’s existence to somebody so very bad! Finally, through the magic of my new Lumix I’m able to share my displeasure.

I want to press this so bad. It is simply begging to be touched. I almost expect that one day some poor soul (me) will push it, only to find that it does nothing but exude a stunning electric shock to the curious cat who couldn’t resist the urge. Perhaps it will be a joke shock like in those electric hand buzzers; on the other hand it could easily be connected to a 220 V 120 Hz AC power source and have the ability to provide the interacting party with their final moment in life. Pushing the button that begged to be pushed.

Seriously, what could it possibly do?! Why does it exist? Why can’t I touch it!!! I want to know, my mind is burning with desire to learn the secrets of the forbidden button. So ominous. So tempting.