Terminal 1 - Shanghai Pudong Domestic

I’m in the Shanghai airport after a grueling 14.5 hour flight from Chicago.  I was uploading a bunch of photos to a new Picasa Web Album but the bandwidth is atrocious here (and my connection is only 36 Mbps to boot)…  Don’t worry, I’ll give a nice, full rundown of my travels to Asia tomorrow after I get some rest.  I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been awake but it’s well over 48 hours at this point (over 72 if you count the time change).  When we flew backwards over the time/date line and jumped ahead a day my brain literally exploded inside my skull.  Time travel!  I can’t wait to travel backwards in time when I leave… it’ll be JUST like Back to the Future!  Whoo!  I told you I was exhausted.