April 2009

Note: I realize I’ve skipped day 8.  There are few words for what happened on the eighth day, and I am trying to bring those words forth, but pictures are worth a thousand words as they say.  And I don’t know if I want to publicly show the pictures.  We’ll see what happens… Anyway, enjoy my final day in China because I don’t think that I did…

Day 9: The best prank I’ve ever fallen for

China Eastern Airlines may quite possibly have just pulled off the greatest April Fools joke ever.  Let me indulge you in a story of peculiarity and confusion.  This involves myself, of course, and approximately 108 other people.  It is my last day in China and I have a long day of travel to look forward to.  This is the story of those travels…



Day 7: Testing the Limits of the Human Stomach

Today wasn’t much different from any of the other days.  We started off with some breakfast and then took the taxi to the Fu Tian Free Trade Zone and then hopped on the Shuttle that took us all the way to ISH3 where IBM/ISTC is located.  We spend a couple of hours working and then went out for lunch at a local Chinese place.  Today’s lunch was at a restaurant that is a stone’s throw from the main entrance to Fu Tian and also where we catch the shuttle in the morning.  This area where the restaurant was, featured tables located along the walls of the space and additionally around a large oval shaped fountain in the middle of the room.  The fountain was not operational (possibly to save costs in the same way that many levels of ISH3 are kept totally dark throughout the day and only illuminated by the glow from laptop screens), and rightfully so as there was one additional table located right near the spout at the center of the fountain.