My Xbox 360 has finally joined it’s brethren in the land of the lost.  We’ve had a lot of good memories she and I, playing Halo 3 single player straight through after picking it up on midnight release.  We crushed the Covenant and fought back the Flood together.  It was like I was the Master Chief and she was my Cortana.

She’s stuck by my side on marathon gaming sessions and similarly all-night Netflix fixes of streaming episodes of Dexter or the Office.  I’ve tried, loved and hated countless demos and rentals with her being ever-present.  Always making sure I knew when my friends were online and wanted to play.  Not only was she a good friend, but she was a pillar of support in the hard times.  I could always turn to her for a crutch when I was too weak to keep myself standing.

She was my living room sentinel – keeping watch through the night with her glowing ring of beautiful green light.  Until two nights ago, that is.  When I turned her on and the screen froze I knew something was funny.  I unplugged her power supply and let her rest for a few hours.  The next time I turned her on there was the familiar start-up screen, which quickly got stuck and turned into a screen of nothing.  And that’s when it began.  The incessant flashing of the three red lights.  The dreaded Red Ring of Death.  Something that I had hoped to never see.  I had been under the false impression that Elites were less prone to the RRoD than the other systems, maybe even immune.  If only that were truly the case.

She’s still under warranty, but my expectations of ever getting a working system back from Microsoft are depressingly low.  Once the solder goes no amount of reapplying will ever give me a reliable hold between the motherboard and the GPU.  I really hope that they send me a totally new unit, maybe with a Jasper board inside.  I guess I’d need a new power supply however to account for the lower voltage.  I’d totally be willing to go out and buy a new power supply direct from Microsoft if they went this route.  Alas, I’m certain that they’ll just send me my box back with a half-assed solder reapply that will last two months before the heat melts the solder and I get reacquainted with the ol’ Red Ring of Death.

So I’m awaiting my shipping label sans coffin, as Microsoft support stopped sending out the specially packed box for you to snuggle your ‘box into before shipping back to them.  Then I’ll need to wait about a week to a week and a half before they send back the little baby to me.  All in all it’ll probably be two weeks before I get to hear her gentle hum again.

I’m not sure how I’ll get by in the meantime.  I guess I could try to play with my Wii (I don’t think that phrase will ever NOT make me chuckle), but what fun would that be all by my lonesome?  Plus I haven’t purchased a new game for well over a year.  Ah well, I’ll figure something out.  I’m just truly upset that I didn’t get to catch the last episode of Dexter’s 2nd season or download and play the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo.  That game is going to rock so hard.  And by the time I get the box back the game will be out anyway.  I just want to be prepared for the awesomeness of the greatest Batman game of all time.