It’s been a very long first day here in Taipei, so unfortunately my write-up will have to wait. I just wanted to make sure to post my most exotic food item of the day so that my wife could be jealous! This juicy looking snack-on-a-stick was suggested to me by Nelson, one of the Quality Engineers here in Taiwan. There are many names for this delicious treat such as Pig’s Blood Cake or Taiwanese Blood Pudding, but it’s basically sticky rice soaked in Pig’s blood and fried, then coated with a dusting of peanut powder. Dee-lish!

Also, clicking the above picture will take you to my “Taiwan Aug 11” album, which I will update daily with random pictures and maybe a video or two of whatever catches my eye.  And don’t worry if you see pictures of things before I post a write-up about them. Consider it a sneak peak into what’s yet to come!

Thanks for reading!