Taiwan is a truly fascinating and culturally rich country. Unfortunately, it’s so terribly all-consuming that I have not had nearly enough sleep nor time to lovingly craft these delicious blog posts for your consumption.  In lieu of today’s post recapping the first two days of my stay in Taiwan, I’ll instead simply gift the following picture to you (click the link to find your present):

Spider-Man is planking on a bus. Your argument is no longer valid

Yes.  That is Spider-Man planking on a garbage can on the side of a bus.  And in case you were wondering: yes, your argument is invalid. I’m sorry but this is the internet.

I also have a very small food status update: I’m now 2 for 2 in trying a new “blood as food” dish, of which today’s was blood tofu. This food item is more or less just congealed blood that is cut into blocks like tofu and then cooked. We had some this evening when we went to eat “Hot Pot” (refer to this previous post for an explanation of Hot Pot). It was surprisingly good, but I think I preferred the Pig’s Blood Cake from the night before.

Also don’t forget to ogle my Web Album that I am updating much more regularly than this blog (sorry — I would really love to have more time to write these posts, but it’s just not in the cards for me).  Maybe if you all send good tidings my way I can carve out a few hours this weekend to write a super-post.

Also, I promised Brandon a better version of the “Run through this door” sign, so here it is:

You cannot deny that this sign is literally showing a man fleeing through the exit door.