My 11th and 12th days in Mexico were empty shells. I was still on my daily cycle of work, eat, excercise, sleep and there was no respite. Except one thing. Oh, one big thing; however I’m sure that nobody actually reading this would care. Bungie released a teaser for their next game, which we’ve now come to know as Halo 3: Recon. I’m not sure how many times I watched that teaser when I got back to the hotel. In fact, I may have skipped going to the Olympus Gimnasio just to sit in the dark, with the volume maxed so that I could better try and figure out what exactly they were showing us. The numerous frame-by-frame breakdowns that littered the Internets were stellar, and only helped to compound what I had already been able to decipher. All I knew was that I was excited for something, and it was most certainly a video game, and it was definitely set within the Halo universe. I could also look forward to the following day: Friday!



Something else that I read about yesterday was an article written by David Quammen, [Contagious cancer: The evolution of a killer via Harper’s Magazine], which really got me thinking. It brought up some dormant thoughts that I used to toss around about Darwinism and the effect that our civilization has had on this process. Evolution is a funny thing; what I find particularly ponder-worthy revolves around the two basic elements necessary for the process that Darwin laid out: genetic diversity among the individuals of a population and competition among those individuals for limited resources. With these elements present, the door is left open for natural selection, which says that the “more fit” individuals of the species will thrive, and reproduce. I have always stood by the fact that we, as humans, have stunted the process of evolution among our species while the rest of the world continues to evolve and grow. How? Allow me to explain…