Xbox 360


My Xbox 360 has finally joined it’s brethren in the land of the lost.  We’ve had a lot of good memories she and I, playing Halo 3 single player straight through after picking it up on midnight release.  We crushed the Covenant and fought back the Flood together.  It was like I was the Master Chief and she was my Cortana.



My 11th and 12th days in Mexico were empty shells. I was still on my daily cycle of work, eat, excercise, sleep and there was no respite. Except one thing. Oh, one big thing; however I’m sure that nobody actually reading this would care. Bungie released a teaser for their next game, which we’ve now come to know as Halo 3: Recon. I’m not sure how many times I watched that teaser when I got back to the hotel. In fact, I may have skipped going to the Olympus Gimnasio just to sit in the dark, with the volume maxed so that I could better try and figure out what exactly they were showing us. The numerous frame-by-frame breakdowns that littered the Internets were stellar, and only helped to compound what I had already been able to decipher. All I knew was that I was excited for something, and it was most certainly a video game, and it was definitely set within the Halo universe. I could also look forward to the following day: Friday!


Wait, wtf?


I was terrified yesterday when I read about ActiBlizz’s (Activision-Blizzard conglomerate) latest release schedule not including the new Ghostbusters Video Game.
My all-knowing Kotaku overlords have informed me otherwise, with this reassuring quote from Sierra’s PR team: “It is not cancelled and will not be canceled.”

Phew… Close call.