I like you. I mean, I REALLY like you.

This on-again, off-again relationship we’ve been having hurts me. I’m fairly certain that it hurts me a lot more than it hurts you. And I mean it when I say this, but it’s not you. It’s me.

The fact is that my time on this crazy island has been exactly that: crazy. I want to share my stories with all of you, but my time is simply consumed by all of the work and the adventures that I’ve been having. Regardless of this, I still plan on sharing my stories I just might start changing up the format a bit so that you, O’ reader, may share with me in this adventure that I am living out.

I will still plan on doing my long-winded write-ups, but I would like to try some abbreviated updates that just give you a sense of what’s coming. Let me know what you think and if this is a good idea or a dumb idea in the comments.


Day 3 – Learning the History

My TSTL Colleagues were working from their homes. It was Friday, and their manager had designated today as their once-quarterly team outing. Apparently the lunch that he had treated us to the day prior did not count as an outing (especially since it was only the TE group), so he would take his entire group of reports (consisting of both TE and ME) out for a very special lunch. The local team told me that since the restaurant was so far away from work for everyone, that they would all elect to work from home and take the afternoon off, as is common after any team outing like this.


Day 2 – Sustenance

Like most other humans I enjoy being a creature of habit. This is precisely why I started my second day with the exact same sequence of events as the first. After waking up at 5, working out, hanging out with Allie and stuffing my face at the breakfast buffet, I finally made my first deviation from the previous day’s events. I had learned that when we arrived at work the day before it was unusually early for most of the other employees, who typically didn’t come in until around 10 a.m. This pleased me, as it gave me some extra breathing room for taking it easy in the morning and a chance to locate a nearby bank and acquire cash monies for my eventual taxi ride into work.


Day 1: Feeling It Out

My first night of sleep in Taiwan felt long overdue.  From the time that I left Durham on Monday morning, until the time I checked into my hotel on Tuesday evening around 8:30 p.m. local time (that’s +12 hours into the future from Eastern Standard for all you math nerds), I did not sleep. This was only partly thanks to the rambunctious children next to me on the airplane, but more accurately due to my own personal remedy for jet-lag.


Taiwan is a truly fascinating and culturally rich country. Unfortunately, it’s so terribly all-consuming that I have not had nearly enough sleep nor time to lovingly craft these delicious blog posts for your consumption.  In lieu of today’s post recapping the first two days of my stay in Taiwan, I’ll instead simply gift the following picture to you (click the link to find your present):


It’s been a very long first day here in Taipei, so unfortunately my write-up will have to wait. I just wanted to make sure to post my most exotic food item of the day so that my wife could be jealous! This juicy looking snack-on-a-stick was suggested to me by Nelson, one of the Quality Engineers here in Taiwan. There are many names for this delicious treat such as Pig’s Blood Cake or Taiwanese Blood Pudding, but it’s basically sticky rice soaked in Pig’s blood and fried, then coated with a dusting of peanut powder. Dee-lish!

Also, clicking the above picture will take you to my “Taiwan Aug 11” album, which I will update daily with random pictures and maybe a video or two of whatever catches my eye.  And don’t worry if you see pictures of things before I post a write-up about them. Consider it a sneak peak into what’s yet to come!

Thanks for reading!

Travel. It can be the best part of a trip sometimes. Then there are times like today. Well – the past 24 hours to be precise. It’s really hard to call it a day when I suddenly find myself living out a Tuesday afternoon, when just a few hours ago it was early Monday morning. So in light of that I could say it’s been a harrowing two days. Or 16 hours. Whatever. It’s Tuesday now, and this all began Monday. So whatever period of time you’d like to call that is where this story will begin and end. Actually, who am I kidding. The story never ends. Let’s just call it a chapter in time. Deal?