Wow.  It’s official.  The city council has voted on a proclamation that designates the city of Pittsburgh to be known as “The City of Sixburgh” for 2009 in honor of the Steeler’s sixth superbowl win.  That is awesome.


Here’s the deal; on Saturday September 13th, I was in need of a taxi to the airport. I was embarking on a journey. This journey would be my first solo adventure into a foreign land, and possibly the most interesting one. For this reason I am chronicling the events of my trip into this blog. I will try to dedicate one post to each day; however I make no promises. In case you couldn’t guess from yesterday’s post, I am in Mexico. Guadalajara to be exact, mira:

When I arrived here Saturday evening, I checked into the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel, witnessed the Guadalajaran Soccer team take over the Hotel lobby, and went to bed…