Day 3 – Learning the History

My TSTL Colleagues were working from their homes. It was Friday, and their manager had designated today as their once-quarterly team outing. Apparently the lunch that he had treated us to the day prior did not count as an outing (especially since it was only the TE group), so he would take his entire group of reports (consisting of both TE and ME) out for a very special lunch. The local team told me that since the restaurant was so far away from work for everyone, that they would all elect to work from home and take the afternoon off, as is common after any team outing like this.



Day 1: Feeling It Out

My first night of sleep in Taiwan felt long overdue.  From the time that I left Durham on Monday morning, until the time I checked into my hotel on Tuesday evening around 8:30 p.m. local time (that’s +12 hours into the future from Eastern Standard for all you math nerds), I did not sleep. This was only partly thanks to the rambunctious children next to me on the airplane, but more accurately due to my own personal remedy for jet-lag.