I’m in a real pickle right now. My last post was about Ubiquity; which, after plenty of testing, I can say that I do not want to go back to browsing without. But the interwebs has just learned that Google is now entering the browser wars with their own google-spin on web browsers. My pickle lies in the fact that Ubiquity is Firefox-only as of yet, which means I will not be able to use Google Chrome and Mozilla Ubiquity in harmony; however Chrome does sound and look swanky… So what do I do?

I guess since the aptly named Google Chrome is an early beta yet, I will not be able to rely on it for full-time browsing; however I know that once I get into it I’m going to hit Ctrl+Space and start typing away without realizing that Ubiquity is sorely missing. :( <– Sad panda. I wonder if Chrome has anything assigned to Ctrl + Space.. and I hope it doesn’t break anything when I do it!