Ah, this is refreshing.  I don’t mean to be a Mozilla fanboy (it just so happens to be that everything they do I love), but today the first public release of Songbird was made available.  Surprisingly, I didn’t pick up the beta back when I first learned about it earlier this year even though I wanted to.  I can honestly say that I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for missing out on a such a spectacular product earlier in its lifecycle.  Songbird is an alternative to such music players as iTunes and Windows Media Player and Aaron Boodman from greasemonkey even said that “Songbird promises to be the Firefox of media players”.  After only an hour of fiddling I’m completely confidant in saying that it IS the Firefox of media players.  Look out iTunes!  Check after the jump for my thoughts and ramblings on Songbird, as well as the link to get yourself some bird… of songs?  … and rediscover music all over again.